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I´m very excited to have finally found time and energy to bring my long desired blog to life. As I am still contemplating on the ways and possibilities how to expand this idea and incorporate other media to make this experience more dynamic and interactive, it´s not a surprise that this inaugural blog post will be about creativity.

The New Oxford Dictionary of English defines creativity as the „use of imagination or original ideas to create something“. Further the verb create is defined as „bring into existence“.

Let´s look at the terminology here. Imagination. Ideas. Existence.

In order to bring something into existence, ideas and imagination are of immense value. So, the huge accent is on development of those faculties in a way that will feel authentic to you. This is very important to keep in mind.

Miles Davis & John Coltrane | © Don Hunstein, 1959 Jean-Michel Basquiat

Everything created in nature by nature is pretty much unique, and so should be with ideas for the new song, project, product, service, etc… It is no wonder that many artists, scientists, developers, inventors or any other creators are inspired by nature and are looking for the answers by diving deep into this source.

I started exercising my creativity muscles when I became more aware of what was blocking my creativity. My experience showed me that in order to create something that is a true reflection of who I am, I needed to get in touch with my authentic self. I had to become aware of and clear on all that was preventing me from getting in touch with my true desires...and this is an ongoing process. It´s like an upward spiral always revealing something new.

When we are firmly connected to our center, know what we are about and what we are after imagination can step into the playfield and work its magic.

One of the works which I´m constantly coming back to is The Artist´s Way: A Spiritual Path to Higher Creativity by Julia Cameron. In her book, which is structured as a 12 week program, she is offering many tools to increase creative flow and productivity, but these are 2 of my favorite:

1. Morning Pages

2. The Artist Date

1. What are Morning Pages?

Morning Pages are completely free writing. As Julia Cameron said in her book they are: "act of moving the hand over the page and writing down whatever comes to the mind. […] They might also be called brain drain, since that´s one of their main functions. There is no wrong way of doing Morning Pages."

Write every morning 3 pages and see what will happen over period of 12 weeks. You might be able to bring to the surface all that is standing between you and your creativity.

The Morning Pages are only for you to read. The point of writing the Morning Pages is to let go of your inner censor and to let your creative juices flow.

2. What is Artist Date?

The Artist Date is a practice of opening ourselves to receiving insight, inspiration and guidance.

As Julia Cameron writes: „An artist date is a block of time, perhaps 2 hours weekley, especially set aside and commited to nurturing your creative consciousness, your inner artist.“

It´s the quality time spent with ourselves, nurturing ourselves while doing what we love and what feels good to us.

For me it´s going to art exhibitions, cinema, museums, botanical gardens, spa resorts (FAVORITE), spending time in nature, sport, cooking, wine tasting.

„As artists, we must learn to be self-nourishing, we must become alert enough to consciously replenish our creative resources as we draw on them. […] I call this process filling the well.“

Our inner artist need sensory experiences – sight (image), sound, smell, taste, touch.

Filling the well with these experiences and opening up to receiving showed up in my experience as a powerful practice.

Take your inner artist on a date!

I whole-heartedly recommend you to try out these two tools and see how they will work for you.

xo, Dajana

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