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Der Podcast.

Die Gesangsstunde.

Ein Podcast mit Fachwissen und Coachingtipps rund um die Themen Stimmbildung,Stimmgebrauch und moderener Gesang.

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Letzte Folgen

The June topic is Public Speaking and we are continuing today to dive deeper into speaking voice secrets.


Learnings from this episode:

✔️ As young children we learned to speak by imitation

✔️Influence of our environment on the sound of our speaking voice

✔️Analyze and compare the voices in your environment

✔️Breathing techniques to help with projection (Exercise)

✔️Tongue Twisters to help warm up the articulation tools (Exercise)

In this episode we are taking a deeper look into this question and analyzing the skill set needed for anyone who wants to develop their speaking and presenting competences.


Learnings from this episode:


✔️How to find your unique voice

✔️Breath carries the emotion and gives your voice power

✔️How to expand the body awareness

✔️Development of resonance spaces of the body

✔️Development of strong chest voice

✔️Articulation tools 5 variables of your speaking voice (pitch,tone, volume, pace & melody)



And plus the number one thing that makes the great public speaker It is all revealed to you in today´s episode.


Listen to find out more.


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