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Starting this blog was definitely an intuitive decision that feels good and is totally in alignment with the way I want to share my message. In this article I´ll share the ways in which I open up to my intuition and why creatives should develop it and learn how to listen to it.


There are many definitions of intuition. Some see it as an ability, a sense or a form of unconscious reasoning or simply a gut feeling. More or less, we all experienced it in some situations.


In my experience the intuition was a kind of compass I followed when I was in the dark about where I want to go next, when I was unsure about making a decision, starting a project, following my hearts-desire, writing music or choosing with whom to work.


I allow myself to be intuitively led from one point to another when I´m stepping into the unknown territory...and we, as creatives, are the inhabitants of the Land of the Unknown. That´s why I believe we should learn how to develop and fine tune our inner compass.


These are the ways I open up to and cultivate my intuition:


1. I spend time in solitude


As I´m always surrounded by work or family, time in solitude is sacred. It can be just a walk or ten minutes of relaxed deep breathing, but this reconnects me to my center. (I also take myself out on an Artist´s Date to recharge my creative batteries.)


2. I´m listening to my body


If “yes” or “no” feels good, then it is good. That is what works for me. If it doesn´t feel good, I mostly feel some weight in my stomach or I just don´t feel comfortable. The body has a way of communicating the message and being fine-tuned to my body is of huge importance when it comes to making a decision or taking any action from intuitive standpoint.


As Carla Woolf, researcher and author writes:

“Creativity does its best work when it functions intuitively.”


This quote as well as quote from the great Albert Einstein where he says:

“The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant.”

describe my reason why I believe everyone, especially those in creative professions or those who are enthusiastic about it, should learn how to tap into the intuition and listen to it for guidance.


                                                      I hope this article will inspire you!




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