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March 20, 2019


Hello DaoMoments Friend,



Is there a better feeling, than checking off the tasks from your to-do list or closing a project successfully and celebrating your wins?


I feel so accomplished and content at those moments for those are the moments we´re officially getting closer to our dreams or making progress on whatever we set out intention on – be it improving vocal skills or songwriting, getting into the studio and recording new songs, getting the music played on the radio or streamed, etc…


This blog post is dedicated to a few steps everybody who wants to grow professionally and personally should be aware of.



#1 Your Dream = Your Vision


To allow yourself to dream means to have a vision of yourself beyond any limiting circumstances or even limiting beliefs. No matter where you stand in your professional and personal life allow yourself to see how your career and your life could be instead of how they are right now. One of the most amazing personal traits of the great people I admire is their capacity to envision. They are visionaries. To have a vision of where you want to be is your why.


Can you envision yourself having a career in the music industry or can you see your recording out in one year?


Take a few moments and capture the vision for yourself in the future (one, two and three years from now)?



#2 Goal Setting and Planning



Now, to get all of that rolling – to get a dream to become a reality – we need to start thinking strategically. We need to set goals, deadlines and we need a good plan. Remember what Napoleon Hill said:


“Goal is a dream with a deadline.”




Set specific and measurable goals that are aligned with your vision. Concentrate on few goals over a limited timeframe – 3 or 6 months. Depending on the goal, some need more, some less time to be completed.


Define a set of weekly actions (outline the actions) for every goal every week. Be specific what needs to happen and by when. The more specific you are, the better you´ll be able to measure the goal progress. This is your weekly execution goal plan. That´s why effective planning is of major importance – it´s your compass.


Below is an example of a rough draft for reaching a specific goal in 12 weeks. The 13th week of the quarter is the #vacaymode. :)

You should draft out an action plan for every week being very specific what needs to take place every day.





#3 Execute


This is where we take action and start making our dreams our reality. On the other hand, this is a place where we also tend to procrastinate, where the fear kicks in, where we start to struggle with time, energy, or come up with all kinds of excuses why it can´t be done.


The key question is: “What will you do to overcome those struggles?”


Solution: Pull out your vision and your goal execution plan and connect with what it would feel like to reach them – to finally have your CD out, your songs written, your music streamed or played on radio stations, to have a fully functional voice, to be playing concerts,etc…


Now, concentrate on the most critical actions (tasks) for that week and get them done first. Make a review of effectiveness of your weekly execution:

  • how many actions you did complete?

  • how many actions you didn´t complete? Why?


Execution requires commitment. Be committed to yourself, to your dream. As Jean-Paul Sartre said:


                                              “Commitment is an act, not a word.”


I recommend you to have a weekly execution plan with outlined actions for every week over your 12 or 24 week timeframe. And always reward yourself and  make space for recharging your batteries. That will bring in new and fresh energy and you´ll be able to give more of yourself to your work instead of feeling drained and exhausted.


I hope this blog post will give you some ideas how to work with goals and create those #daomoments of feeling accomplished,happy and content  in your life.















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