All About Presence: Connect With Your Audience (...and Establish Your Presence In The Room)

November 4, 2018




Hello daoMoments friend!


Have you ever wondered what is the secret to owning the room? No matter what kind of performance is going on – concert, theatre production, presentation, class, meeting, show, etc...

the secret ingredient to holding your audience attentive and therefore to transmit the message to them so that they really hear you AND feel you – is to have presence.


The origin of the word presence is the Latin ”praesentem” which means to exhibit to view, to show oneself, to present to mind and senses. (See


Beside the content of the presentation (verbal communication), the audience is very sensitive to how  the content of presentation is delivered (non-verbal communication).


This is the field where you can win or lose the hearts and minds of the audience. When verbal and non-verbal communication are in sync (see congruency) and are there to support and underline the message you can create good synergy between the message and the messenger. This all creates stronger presence.


The elements which enhance presence are body language (vocal dynamics, breathing, eye contact, posture, gestures, facial expressions) and the key element which directs the whole body language – your personality. Being focused on the moment of delivery as well as project confidence and authenticity goes a long way.


All of these aspects can be analyzed and worked on in order to reach your full potential and connect with your audience so that they are totally engaged with what´s going on in the room.


I recommend you to make a following exercise.


Record 2 videos of yourself where you are:


1. talking about yourself freely

2. reading a part of the book or article or sing a song


Pay attention to:


1. How did you feel when you were recording the Video 1 and 2? Was there any difference in the way you felt?

2. How was your body language?

3. How focused you were in the moment of speaking or singing?


Write your observations and according to your own vision, write out what you would love to improve.



I hope you liked reading this blog post. I would like to hear from you too, especially if you did the exercise and would like to share your observations.



Ciao from Graz and wishing you all great Sunday!




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