All About Presence: Connect With Your Audience (...and Establish Your Presence In The Room)

Hello daoMoments friend! Have you ever wondered what is the secret to owning the room? No matter what kind of performance is going on – concert, theatre production, presentation, class, meeting, show, etc... the secret ingredient to holding your audience attentive and therefore to transmit the message to them so that they really hear you AND feel you – is to have presence. The origin of the word presence is the Latin ”praesentem” which means to exhibit to view, to show oneself, to present to mind and senses. (See Beside the content of the presentation (verbal communication), the audience is very sensitive to how the content of presentation is deliver

DAO MOMENTS is a passion project. It is a blog with intention to inspire great moments of personal and professional growth. It´s a hub for creative and sophisticated individuals - those with passion and hunger for improvement of natural singing voice and musicianship, artist development and music business.



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