2 ways to increase your creativity - now!

Hello dao moments Friend, I´m very excited to have finally found time and energy to bring my long desired blog to life. As I am still contemplating on the ways and possibilities how to expand this idea and incorporate other media to make this experience more dynamic and interactive, it´s not a surprise that this inaugural blog post will be about creativity. The New Oxford Dictionary of English defines creativity as the „use of imagination or original ideas to create something“. Further the verb create is defined as „bring into existence“. Let´s look at the terminology here. Imagination. Ideas. Existence. In order to bring something into existence, ideas and imagination are of immense value.

DAO MOMENTS is a passion project. It is a blog with intention to inspire great moments of personal and professional growth. It´s a hub for creative and sophisticated individuals - those with passion and hunger for improvement of natural singing voice and musicianship, artist development and music business.



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